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Balance Functional Creamer With Ashwagandha & MCT OilUpdated 10 months ago

Q: What’s in it?

A: Organic MCT (medium chain triglyceride) Powder, Organic Tremella Mushroom Extract (400mg per 3 scoops), Organic Ashwagandha Extract (100mg per 3 scoops), Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Organic Vanilla Powder, Organic Monk Fruit Extract

Q: How much caffeine is there per serving?

A: This product is free of caffeine 

Q: How much does it cost?

A: $20 for 60 servings at 1 scoop per serving OR 20 servings at 3 scoops per serving. 20% off subscription pricing is $16!

Q: Is this product organic?

A: Yes

Q: When should I drink it?

A: Use any time of day! This creamer transforms an ordinary cup of coffee into an extraordinary functional beverage. Turn down the volume of everyday stress as you replenish and glow from the inside out, with each creamy, coconutty sip. 

Q: How much should I use?

A: We recommend using up to 3 scoops per beverage (scoop provided in container) depending on how creamy you like your drink.

Q: How should I use it?

A: Add 1-3 scoops of creamer to your cup before pouring the coffee in, then stir for a creamy, delicious mug of elevated coffee. There are no fillers in this creamer so it may naturally clump when you open it up. We love to use a frother to make it extra smooth.

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