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How many mushrooms can I take in a day? Can I combine mushrooms?Updated a year ago

We strongly encourage you to work with a qualified health care professional whenever making changes to your supplementation protocol, and especially if you’re someone with specific health-related needs or concerns.

When you are totally new to consuming our products or functional mushrooms and adaptogens in general, we suggest that you start with one serving per day. Every Four Sigmatic product contains a potent dose of functional ingredients with a minimum of 500 mg/serving. After a few days, you can start building your routine with up to 3-4 servings per day. The functional mushrooms and adaptogens we use are safe to take long-term but the amount needed daily is slightly different for everyone. Feel free to pair products together to increase flavor or benefits. Mixing and matching is encouraged! Always listen to your body and increase or decrease dosage as you see fit.

Functional foods are one part of a balanced wellness routine. Don’t forget to continue to address the other aspects of your wellbeing like sleep, movement, and mental health! True wellbeing takes time. Be gentle with yourself, go slow, always listen to your body, and support your foundation from many angles like healthy eating, better-for-you habits, exercise, and supporting your mental health in ways that feel best for you.


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