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How much caffeine do the products contain?Updated a year ago

Most of our Organic Coffee, Grounds provide a full serving of caffeine (~150mg per 12oz cup). However, we have a few that are a touch different caffeine levels! 

-Boost Organic Coffee, Ground has ~190mg per 12oz cup). 

-Think Organic Coffee, Cold Brew Ground has ~105-125mg per 8oz cup

-Balance Organic Half Caf Coffee, Ground has about ~75mg per 12oz cup

-Organic Coffee Pods have a caffeine content comparable to other ground coffee pods at 75-85mg per pod

-Organic Coffee, Instants all contain 50mg of caffeine per serving

-Think Matcha Latte Box contains 20mg/serving.

-Calm Organic Cacao & Calm Organic Boost contain ~6mg/serving.

-Calm Decaf Ground Coffee contains <5 mg/serving.

All other products will be free of caffeine :)

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