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Think Whole Bean Coffee with Lion’s Mane & Chaga MushroomsUpdated 10 months ago

Q: What’s in it?

A: Organic and Fair-Trade Coffee Beans (dark roast), Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract (250mg), Organic Chaga Mushroom Extract (250mg)

Q: How much caffeine is there per serving?

A: This coffee will provide a full serving of caffeine. Since it’s a fresh brewed coffee experience, it’s harder to guarantee the exact caffeine amount but it is equivalent to a regular 12oz brewed coffee (about 150mg per 12oz cup).

Q: How much does it cost?

A: $20 for 16 servings. 20% off subscription pricing is $16!

Q: Is this product organic and fair-trade?

A: Yes!

Q: When should I drink it?

A: Any time you enjoy regular coffee. 

Q: How much should I use?

A: Grind 5 tablespoons of beans for 12 oz of brewed coffee. Here are our recommended grinds based on brew method :)

Medium/coarse - french press, cold brew, pour over

Medium - regular drip coffee machine

Fine - espresso

Q: Is there an ideal grind size that should be used when brewing?

A: Our Whole Bean coffee is totally customizable! You can grind your beans according to your preferred method of brewing. For example, if you use pour over or coffee machine, we recommend a smaller grind size. If you brew your coffee in a French Press, use a slightly larger grind size. 

Q: Is this the exact same as the Think Coffee (Ground Coffee with Lion’s Mane) but in a different format (sourcing, mushrooms, roast)?

A: Yes, the ingredients are exactly the same. We use the same origin coffee, the same dark roast, and the same mg of Lion’s Mane and Chaga extracts per serving. 

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