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What coffee makers/brewers can I use?Updated a year ago

Our Organic Ground Coffees can be brewed in a traditional coffee maker, French Press, or pour over. You can use these grinds to make espresso, however, you may need to grind them to a finer consistency at home first!

Our Organic Coffee Pods are compatible with Keurig® 2.0 and up.

Our Organic Coffee, Instants do not require any type of brew method, and can simply be mixed into hot water.

If you prefer your coffee cold, we offer a grind specifically for Cold Brew that is perfect for a DIY, toddy brewer, or any cold brew kit!

Not finding what you’re looking for? Please feel free to reach out to our Consumer Support Team at [email protected] or (213) 699-4616 and we’d be happy to help!

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