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What is the difference between the Mushroom Coffees and Mushroom Elixirs?Updated 4 months ago

Our Mushroom Elixirs contain a high dose of extracted, organic mushrooms combined with herbs and adaptogens. They do not contain coffee and are free of caffeine. Each box of Mushroom Elixir contains 20 individual packets and each serving contains 1,500mg of mushrooms.

Our Mushroom Coffees contain organic 100% Arabica coffee with organic extracted mushrooms and adaptogens in each serving. Each box of our instant coffee boxes contains 10 individual packets of organic instant coffee with 50mg of caffeine per serving. Our 12oz bags of ground coffee come with 16 servings and for most, a full serving of caffeine (aside from our Chill Decaf Coffee with Reishi & Chaga and our Balance Coffee with Ashwagandha & Eleuthero). Our Mushroom Coffee Pods come with 24 individual pods and 75-85mg of caffeine per pod depending on type. They are compatible with Keurig® 2.0 and up.


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