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What kind of Stevia do you use?Updated 10 months ago

The stevia we use is an extract of the stevia plant, standardized to contain at least 98% Rebaudioside A and there are no fillers or excipients mixed with it. The stevia does not contain alcohol and is extracted in water. This specific extract is researched and approved in the European Union for nutraceutical and food use.

Note also that we have several products without any stevia. These products include: Chaga Elixir, Reishi Elixir, Cordyceps Elixir, Lion's Mane Elixir, Cacao with Cordyceps, all Mushroom and Adaptogen Coffees (excluding the Coffee Latte), all five flavors of our Superfood Protein, our Mushroom BlendsAdaptogen Immune Support with Chaga, and Adaptogen Beauty with Tremella.


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